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When we think of health and safety at work, the most common first association is health and safety training before starting work.

Definitely, HSE training is very important to provide employees with the necessary knowledge on occupational safety.

One of the obligations of the employer, which stems from the Labour Code (Art. 94, item 4)) is to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions and to conduct systematic training of employees in occupational safety and health. It is carried out by conducting initial and periodic training in occupational health and safety.

Initial and periodic HSE training are conducted in accordance with the current legislation, and the focus of attention on particular topics depends on job positions, as well as the type of activity.

Periodic training is conducted for many professional groups. We offer, among others, periodical trainings in occupational health and safety for employers and persons in charge of employees, occupational health and safety services, worker positions, administrative and office positions, engineering and technical positions. Conducted in various forms: HSE course, guided self-study, instruction and seminar.

There is a possibility to do periodic training online – then it is up to you to decide where and when it will take place. You can read more about ONLINE training here

Initial and periodic HSE training courses for employees may be conducted in your company.

It is worth realizing that the knowledge of occupational health and safety should not only be given during the mandatory training. EHS Consulting offers thematic trainings, mainly related to working with chemicals, working at heights, working in excavations, working in confined spaces.

In addition, we provide training in first aid and the use of hand-held firefighting equipment and evacuation rules

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