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Documentation in the field of waste management

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According to the current regulations of the Waste Act and the Environmental Protection Law, both waste-generating entities and waste management entities are required to have relevant administrative decisions.

Qualified specialists will assess what type of permit is required for the conducted activity or operated installation and will indicate the authority responsible for issuing the decision.


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  • Obtaining a permit for waste generation (based on the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law).
  • Obtaining a permit for waste collection (based on the provisions of the Waste Act).
  • Obtaining a permit for waste processing (based on the provisions of the Waste Act).
  • Related to the registration of entities in the Waste Database (waste producers, waste transporters, entities involved in packaging or post-consumer waste recycling, etc.).
  • Related to maintaining waste records and preparing waste reports.
  • Regarding the self-management and settlement of obligations by entities.
  • Related to introducing into the domestic market: vehicles, batteries and accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment, packaging, and products in packaging, consumer products.

The price of documentation development includes:

  • Preparation of the document based on agreed-upon assumptions and after consultations with the client.
  • The ability to make revisions to the documents based on client feedback.
  • Additional consultations following the implementation of the document.

The documentation development price includes:

  • Preparing the document according to agreed-upon assumptions and after consultations with the client.
  • The possibility of making corrections to the documents based on feedback from the client.
  • Further consultations after implementing the document.


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