As an entrepreneur, do you feel that a day is not enough time to coordinate all the processes in your company? Do you include work safety activities in your monthly plan?

    A multitude of matters, the necessity to make decisions quickly and the lack of time to analyse all issues are problems entrepreneurs face.

    Busy entrepreneurs who want to focus on current activities related to the company’s development are offered a service of occupational health and safety outsourcing.

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    Assistance in the form of a monthly health and safety service will allow you to consult on current health and safety issues and problems without hiring a health and safety specialist.

    As part of the service, we not only offer advice on health, safety and fire protection, but also guidance in records management, which is an integral part of the services at EHS Consulting.

    Remember that as an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety performance of your business.

    However, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be left alone with everything.


    • occupational risk assessment for each workplace,
    • instructions for use of machinery and equipment,
    • rules of conduct in case of fire and other situations threatening the health and life of people in the company,
    • risk assessments of hazardous substances,
    • post-accident protocols in case of accidents at work,
    • cards of accidents on the way to/from work suffered by the employee,
    • analysis of the state of health and safety at work.

    In addition, we conduct initial OHS training (general instruction), periodic OHS training for all job groups, first aid and fire protection.

    Each offer is developed based on customer expectations.

    We also provide HSE Outsourcing in the form of HSE supervision at construction investments. We perform exemplary tasks during the project:

    • health and safety checks on site,
    • conducting induction training for all employees starting work,
    • management of documentation in the field of occupational safety,
    • supporting the development of safe work instructions and other occupational safety documents,
    • conducting monthly occupational safety meetings,
    • review of personal protective equipment such as safety helmet, safety harness with safety line and others that are used by employees.

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