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As a business owner, do you feel that a day is too short to coordinate all processes in your company? Do you include occupational health and safety activities in your monthly plan?

The overload of tasks, the need for quick decision-making, and the lack of time to analyze all issues are challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

For busy entrepreneurs who want to focus on current activities related to company development, we offer occupational health and safety outsourcing services. We tailor each offer based on the client’s expectations.


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Occupational Health and Safety (BHP) outsourcing is the transfer of a portion of another entity’s OHS responsibilities to a specialized OHS company based on a previously concluded agreement.

In large workplaces employing more than 100 employees, the employer is obligated to establish an OHS service, as stipulated by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 2, 1997, regarding the occupational health and safety service. However, for smaller companies, it is worth considering outsourcing the service to an external company.

Assistance in the field of OHS allows for consulting on current matters and issues related to occupational health and safety without hiring an in-house OHS specialist. As part of the service, we offer not only OHS and fire protection advisory but also guidance on document management, which is an integral part of the services at EHS Consulting.

The scope of outsourcing includes, among other things, the preparation of documents such as:

  1. Occupational risk assessments for each job position.
  2. Operating instructions for machines and equipment.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) instructions for emergency situations, including fire procedures (e.g., fire safety instructions).
  4. Risk assessments for hazardous substances.
  5. Post-accident protocols in the event of a workplace accident.
  6. Accident cards for accidents that occurred during travel to/from work.
  7. Assessment of musculoskeletal system load using the OWAS method.
  8. Assistance in preparing applications to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) for funding to improve working conditions.
  9. OHS supervision.

Additionally, we include:

  1. OHS state analyses (audits).
  2. Initial OHS training (general instruction).
  3. Periodic OHS training.
  4. First aid training.
  5. Fire protection training.
  6. Development and implementation of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures.

We also provide OHS outsourcing in the form of OHS supervision for construction projects. During the project implementation, we perform tasks such as:

  • OHS inspections at the construction site.
  • Conducting introductory training for all employees starting work.
  • Managing documentation in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Assistance in developing instructions for the safe performance of work and other occupational health and safety documents.
  • Conducting monthly meetings on topics related to occupational health and safety.
  • Inspection of personal protective equipment, including protective helmets, safety harnesses with safety ropes, and others used by employees.

The monthly subscription fee for OHS outsourcing primarily depends on: 

  • The location of your company. 
  • The number of employed workers. 
  • The industry. 
  • Additional expectations regarding the services provided, such as preparing documentation in English or meeting corporate requirements. 

When presenting an offer for OHS outsourcing, we primarily take into account: 

  • Implementation of tasks related to the OHS service, as mandated by the regulation on the service of occupational safety and health. 
  • The ability to contact us via phone and email. 
  • Access to an online training platform. 
  • Audits and training conducted in your company. 


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