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In the event of adverse incidents related to work, especially in the case of severe or fatal workplace accidents, the expert opinion in the field of occupational health and safety becomes an indispensable element in the majority of civil and criminal proceedings.


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The task of the expert is to provide the court with an expertise regarding the incident that occurred. It should objectively present the existing state of affairs. As an impartial party, the expert cannot express their private views in the opinion or unfavorably relate to the parties involved in the proceedings. 

The form of the expert opinion is subject to a set of principles that the specialist must absolutely remember. The lack of certain elements may lead to the opinion being challenged both by the court and the parties involved in the proceedings. In the case of an inconsistent opinion, it will have to be supplemented, and if the court has more doubts about it, it has the right to even commission its verification to another appointed expert. 

In order to defend the interests of the employer or the employee, we carry out so-called private opinions/expertise commissioned by private individuals. While a private expertise is not evidence from a court expert opinion, and its cost is not included in the costs of the trial, it can be helpful, among other things, in mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods. 

During the legal proceedings, however, they play a role in providing expert justification for the position of the party, a means of substantiating claims, and a factor facilitating the verification of the court expert’s opinion. It is worth emphasizing that the expert’s task is to provide specialized knowledge beyond general knowledge, given their education (in this case, in the field of occupational health and safety). 

What is the cost of a Court Expertise? 

The cost of the expertise starts from 1800.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) and varies depending on the complexity of the case.

  • Consulting in the case of a severe or fatal accident, 
  • Conducting an expertise and preparing a report of the examination, conclusions, and justifications for the court, 
  • Gathering all research materials, photographs, etc., 
  • Delivering the prepared opinion to the court and the parties involved in the proceedings, and being present at the hearing. 


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The expert opinion of a court expert consists of several key elements.

  1. Data about the specialist that include the name, academic degree, specialization, and affiliation with the court or research institution. If another person participated in the expertise, their name and surname must be provided, along with an indication of the tasks they performed.
  2. Data of the court commissioning the opinion that involves the signature of the case and a description of the evidentiary material on which the specialist relied.
  3. Time of conducting the expertise and the date of issuing the opinion.
  4. Detailed examination report that includes a description of the adopted method and an indication of any equipment used during the work, as well as sources of specialized knowledge.
  5. Conclusions/justification that is the most important part of the opinion where the expert must address all questions posed by the court.
  6. Attachments that includes documents, research materials, and photographs if necessary.
  7. Signatures of all experts. If multiple experts were involved in issuing the opinion, their signatures should be included. However, those who participated in the examination may be questioned by the court as experts, while those who only participated in the research may be questioned as witnesses.

Finally, the prepared opinion must be submitted to the court, and copies must be provided to the parties involved in the proceedings. Parties have the right to submit their comments on the conducted expertise.

If you are an employer and an accident with severe or fatal consequences occurred at your company, take advantage of our consultancy services.

If you are a victim and, as a result of a severe accident, cannot return to work, an external expert opinion can also be helpful in the fight for compensation.

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