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Explosion hazard assessment

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When using or storing substances capable of forming explosive atmospheres with air (gases, liquids, finely divided solids – dusts, volatile fractions), the employer should prepare an Explosion Risk Assessment document.

The Explosion Risk Assessment document is required by various legal provisions.

This means that in the event of an inspection by the State Labor Inspectorate or the State Fire Service, it may be necessary to present such a document. Insurance companies may also require the Explosion Risk Assessment document. In summary, a properly conducted Explosion Risk Assessment increases a company’s safety and protects against penalties imposed by Government Authorities.


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The purpose of this development is to identify areas where an explosive atmosphere may occur for the proper selection of equipment used in these spaces and to assess the risk of explosion. This action aims to prevent the occurrence and spread of fire or explosion.

The explosion risk assessment includes: i

  • identifying rooms at risk of explosion,
  • determining appropriate explosion hazard zones in indoor and outdoor spaces,
  • developing graphical classification documentation,
  • identifying factors that could initiate ignition.

The content of the Explosion Risk Assessment is legally regulated and can be verified by relevant authorities. The document should include, among other things:

  • The location of areas at risk of explosion;
  • Determination of explosion hazard zones in the aforementioned areas and open spaces;
  • Development of graphical classification documentation;
  • Identification of factors that could cause ignition in the areas at risk of explosion.

The content includes not only potential causes of danger but also procedures to be followed by users of the hazardous zones. This allows for increased safety by implementing appropriate recommendations among the employees.

The primary advantages encompass heightened safety through decreased explosion risks, enhanced employee awareness, and attainment of elevated safety standards. A proficiently conducted Explosion Risk Assessment can influence a reduction in insurance premiums.



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