Occupational Risk Assessment for Remote Work

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Assessing the occupational risk of remote work is crucial because remote work can pose various health and safety hazards to employees. To conduct such an assessment, numerous factors must be taken into account, including the nature of the work, ergonomic aspects of the workspace, communication tools, and the risk of stress.

What exactly does the occupational risk assessment for remote work involve? What does the analysis of occupational risk look like?


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In accordance with Article 226 of the Labor Code, employers are obligated to document the conducted occupational risk assessment and the implementation of necessary preventive measures.

According to the amended Labor Code – Article 6731 § 5 of the Labor Code: “When assessing the occupational risk of an employee performing remote work, the impact of this work on vision, the musculoskeletal system, and psychosocial conditions of this work shall be taken into account. Based on the results of this assessment, the employer develops information containing:

  • principles and methods of proper organization of remote workplace, taking into account ergonomic requirements;
  • principles of safe and hygienic performance of remote work;
  • activities to be performed after the completion of remote work;
  • procedures in emergency situations posing a threat to human life or health (…)”

Yes, before being allowed to perform remote work, the employee confirms in a statement submitted in paper or electronic form that they have acquainted themselves with the occupational risk assessment prepared by the employer and the information containing the principles of safe and hygienic performance of remote work. The employee also commits to adhere to these principles.

The cost of developing an occupational risk assessment for remote work depends on the client’s

  • expectations regarding the format of the assessment (our standard documents or a format provided by the client).

The cost of developing documentation ranges from 300.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) per document and upward. This includes:

  • Development of the document in accordance with the accepted assumptions and after consultations with the client.
  • The possibility of making corrections to the documents based on feedback from the client.
  • Further consultations after the document has been implemented.


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