Water and Wastewater Management Documentation 

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Water and wastewater management documentation is a collection of documents and procedures related to water and wastewater management. It includes both formal documents, such as permits for wastewater discharge, and technical procedures related to water management, such as water management plans, audits, and water quality monitoring. 

Documentation related to water and wastewater management is essential to ensure compliance with environmental protection laws and to ensure sustainable and efficient water and wastewater management. 


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  • Permit for wastewater discharge – a document issued by the environmental protection authority that specifies the permissible quantitative and qualitative standards for wastewater discharge into surface waters or the ground.
  • Connection application for the water supply – a document that must be submitted to the water supply company to connect a property to the water supply network.
  • Water management plan – a document specifying the goals, principles, and methods of managing water resources in a given area, as well as ways to protect them.
  • Water quality monitoring program – a document specifying the methods and scope of monitoring water quality in a given area.
  • Water and Wastewater Audits – procedures aimed at assessing the condition and efficiency of water and wastewater management systems. 
  • Planning, Design, and Construction of Water and Wastewater Facilities – procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with environmental protection laws and providing sustainable and efficient water and wastewater management. 
  • Wastewater Treatment – procedures aimed at ensuring the proper quality of water discharged into the environment. 

All these documents and procedures are essential for conducting effective, sustainable, and safe water and wastewater management. .



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  • Long-Term Lowering of the Groundwater Table: 

– Documents related to the sustained reduction of the groundwater table. 

  • Surface Water or Groundwater Reclamation: 

– Documentation for the rehabilitation of surface water or groundwater. 

  • Introduction of Substances Inhibiting Algae Growth into Surface Waters: 

-Documentation for the introduction of substances inhibiting algae development into surface waters. 

  • Construction of Water Facilities: 

– Documents for the construction of water facilities. 

  • Water Regulation, Development of Mountain Streams, and Formation of New Natural Streambeds (e.g., Rivers, Streams, Brooks): 

– Documentation for water regulation, construction in mountain streams, and shaping new natural streambeds. 

  • Change in Terrain Configuration in Areas Adjacent to Waters Affecting Flow Conditions: 

– Documents related to altering the terrain on lands adjacent to waters that impact flow conditions. 

  • Construction across Surface Waters Flowing and through Flood Embankments: 

– Documents for the construction across flowing surface waters and through flood embankments of bridge structures, pipelines, pipeline protection structures, or culverts.

  • Preparation of Water Management Plans to Obtain Water Management Permits for the Following Investments: 

Water services ensuring households, public entities, and businesses have access to water beyond general, ordinary, or specific water use. Special water use, e.g., land drainage, irrigation of land or crops. Special water use, e.g., land drainage, irrigation of land or crops. Passage through inland waterways and through flood embankments for overhead power lines and telecommunications.

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