Explosion Hazard Assessment Document

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The Pre-Safety Document should be developed at each plant where there is a risk of uncontrolled explosion. It contains information such as:

  • List of explosive atmospheres
  • Classification of these spaces into zones
  • Assessment of the risks associated with the possibility of an explosive atmosphere
  • Description of impact protection measures that must be used
  • Principles of conducting work in explosion hazardous areas


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The explosion protection document allows the appropriate level of work in potentially explosive atmospheres. The process of creating accurate documentation consists of the following steps.

  • Classification of explosion hazard zones – the technical audit of the facilities allows a detailed analysis. The possibility of an emission source is assessed and classified. Ventilation conditions are also an important point of evaluation.
  • Explosion Risk Assessment – analyzes the selection of any safety measures in relation to the existing hazard
  • Inspection of technical installations – a detailed inspection of electrical installations and equipment for technical condition and compliance with legal conditions is performed
  • Proposal of possible repairs – if irregularities are found, a plan is made to propose solutions to improve safety.

This document confirms that the designated workplace is protected from explosion hazards.

The need to develop an ORD stems from the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of July 8, 2010 on the minimum requirements for occupational safety and health, related to the possibility of occurrence of an atmosphere in the workplace” (Journal of Laws 2010 No. 138 item 931) implementing Directive 1999/92/EC ATEX USER.

Such a document must be created before the start of work on the site. Such a need arises not only when the workplace is made available for the first time. The DZPW must be the same as the actual state of the facility. Note that when changes occur at the workplace, such as replacement of equipment, change of chemical substance or reorganization of work, an updated version of the DZPW is required.

The Explosion Prevention document classifies explosive atmospheres. The strategy for securing a facility against explosions depends on the results of an analysis of the risk of explosive atmospheres. When designing a workplace, it is extremely important that such an analysis be made as early as possible. This will allow you to select adequate safeguards and prepare the workplace in the best possible way. This is the best time to implement an appropriate concept, as changes in later stages of the project can lead to increased costs. To summarize the above, the DZPW should be developed as early as possible and updated when changes to the workplace occur.



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