Agreements regarding remote work 

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An agreement regarding remote work is a document that regulates the terms and conditions of remote work between the employer and the employee. It is an essential tool enabling efficient and safe remote work. 

The agreement regarding remote work should be drafted in writing and signed by both parties. This ensures legal protection for both sides and facilitates effective collaboration. In case of changes in the conditions of remote work, the agreement should be updated and re-signed by both parties. 

What information should be included in the agreement regarding remote work? What issues should be addressed in the agreement? 


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  • General principles of remote work 
  • Principles of occasional remote work 
  • Group or groups of employees eligible for remote work 
  • Principles of the employer covering the costs of remote work 
  • Communication principles between the employer and the employee performing remote work, including the method of confirming presence at the workstation by the remote worker 
  • Principles of monitoring the work performed by the remote worker in terms of occupational safety and health, as well as compliance with requirements in the field of safety and information protection (including personal data protection procedures) 
  • Principles of installation, inventory, maintenance, updating of software, and servicing of tools provided to the employee, including technical devices 
  • Principles of using personal equipment for remote work 

Employees who are to perform remote work should confirm: 

1. That they have the necessary technical and local conditions enabling remote work. 

2. Familiarity with procedures defining data protection. 

3. Understanding of the occupational risk assessment and additional information developed based on it. 

Before being allowed to work, the employee must also confirm that appropriate safety and hygiene conditions are maintained at the workstation. 

In connection with remote work, it is necessary to prepare, among other things: 

1. Remote Work Regulations 

2. Employee’s Statement of Having Technical and Local Conditions for Remote Work 

3. Occupational Health and Safety Rules for Remote Work 

4. Occupational Risk Assessment for Remote Work 

5. Employee’s Statement of Familiarity with Remote Work Regulations 

Contact EHS Consulting; we will be happy to provide advice on occupational health and safety documentation for remote work. 

The cost of developing a remote work agreement depends on the client’s expectations regarding the form of development (using our standard documents or a format provided by the client). 

The cost of developing documentation ranges from 300.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) per document and upward. This includes: 

  1. Development of the document in accordance with the accepted assumptions and after consultations with the client. 
  2. The possibility of making corrections to the documents based on feedback from the client. 
  3. Further consultations after the document has been implemented. 


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