Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance 

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According to the standard, a fire extinguisher must be red in color, and the minimum amount of extinguishing agent should be 1 kg. This standard also specifies the temperature range for use, minimum operating time, and minimum extinguishing effectiveness. Pay attention to the minimum amount of extinguishing agent.


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Although legal regulations do not explicitly require conducting occupational health and safety audits, it is worthwhile to do so because we can achieve many benefits: 

  • We will verify whether individual processes are managed in accordance with legal regulations regarding safety and occupational health. 
  • We will check whether, as an employer, we have the appropriate occupational health and safety documentation. 
  • The path to obtaining certification, such as ISO 45001, may be shorter and easier (we will map the regulations that apply to your company). 

The regulations do not specify the frequency of occupational health and safety audits. However, we recommend that clients conduct an occupational health and safety audit by an external auditor at least once a year. Nevertheless, determining the number of audits depends on several factors, including the number of processes, departments in the company, the industry, accident rates, etc. 

The duration of the audit is agreed upon individually with the client. From our experience, the number of audit days is particularly dependent on the size of the organization. For example: 

  • Facility with up to 100 employees in the service industry – 1 audit day 
  • Facility with 200 to 1000 employees in the manufacturing industry – a minimum of 2 audit days. 


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One unit of mass of fire extinguishing agent, 2kg (or 3 dm3), contained in the fire extinguisher is:

  1. For every 100 m2 of the fire hazard zone in a building not protected by a permanent firefighting system,
  • classified as a threat to people ZLI, ZLII, ZLIII, ZLV, with a fire load density above 500MJ/m2
  • or containing an explosive hazard room, one unit of fire extinguishing agent (2kg or 3 dm3) per 100 m2 is required.
  1. For every 300 m2 of the fire hazard zone not mentioned in point 1, except for those classified as ZL IV, one unit of fire extinguishing agent (2kg or 3 dm3) is required.

In addition:

  • Fire extinguishers should undergo technical inspections and maintenance in accordance with the principles and methods specified in Polish Standards for firefighting equipment and extinguishers, technical-operational documentation, and operating instructions provided by manufacturers.
  • Technical inspections and maintenance should be carried out at intervals specified by the manufacturer, but no less frequently than once a year.

Considering the above regulations, performing inspections at least once a year is an absolute minimum. More frequent inspections may be necessary in high fire risk situations, such as in chemical plants dealing with flammable and explosive substances.

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