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In accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration dated April 10, 2010:

“Owners, managers, or users of a facility or its parts that constitute separate fire zones, intended for public utility functions, collective housing, production, warehousing, as well as livestock, ensure and implement a fire safety instruction…”


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  • Conditions of fire protection,
  • Specification of equipment with fire protection devices and extinguishers, as well as methods for their inspection and maintenance,
  • Procedures in case of fire and other hazards,
  • Methods for securing work that is hazardous in terms of fire,
  • Conditions and organization of people evacuation, as well as practical methods for verification,
  • Ways to familiarize users of the facility with fire regulations and the instruction,
  • Tasks and duties of permanent users of the building in the field of fire protection,
  • Facility plans, taking into account location and adjacent area,
  • Indication of individuals or entities developing the instruction.

The instruction is submitted to the relevant municipal (or district) commander of the State Fire Service for later use. The instruction can also be provided in electronic version of document.

The Fire Safety Instruction should undergo periodic updates – at least once every 2 years and also after a change in the way the facility is used or the technological process, which affects the change in fire protection conditions.

The Fire Safety Instruction is not required for facilities or their parts if there is no explosion hazard zone in them, and additionally:

  • The gross volume of the building or its part constituting a separate fire zone does not exceed 1000 m3,
  • The gross volume of the livestock building does not exceed 1500 m3,
  • The area of the fire zone of an object other than a building does not exceed 1000 m2.

The Fire Safety Instruction (IBP) should be located in places accessible to rescue teams.

The document can only be prepared by individuals with appropriate qualifications, i.e., those who:

  • have completed secondary education and training for fire protection inspectors,
  • are fire technicians,
  • have higher education and completed fire protection training as a specialist in fire protection,
  • are fire safety engineers.


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