Instruction for Safe Work Execution  (IBWR) 

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Is your company involved in construction work? Without a doubt, a document you will need is the Instruction for Safe Work Execution (IBWR). Remember that the occupational health and safety instruction for construction work is prepared by the contractor, and they should also familiarize all employees employed on a given construction site (who will perform the work covered by the document) with the instruction. 

The starting point is the Health and Safety Plan (BiOZ), as based on its provisions, the IBWR should be developed. We can assist you in this area. 


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One of the types of construction works for which the preparation of IBWR (Instructions for Safe Work Execution) will be required is assembly work. In this case, assembly work on steel structures and large-dimension prefabricated elements can be carried out by employees who are familiar with the assembly project and the BiOZ plan. This is done in accordance with the instructions for the assembly organization and the type of machinery and other technical equipment used.

The instruction should be prepared in a manner that is understandable for the employees and, importantly, it must indicate:

  • Activities to be performed before starting a particular job.
  • Principles and methods of safely performing the work.
  • Activities to be carried out after completing the work.
  • Procedures to follow in emergency situations posing a threat to the life or health of employees.

Instructions related to work involving the use of hazardous substances and chemicals should take into account the information contained in the safety data sheets for these substances and chemicals.

The cost of preparing the Safe Work Instruction depends on:

  • the scope of the work being performed.
  • the scope of document preparation.

The prices range from 600.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) upwards and include: 

  • Preparation of the document in accordance with the accepted assumptions and after consultations with the Client. 
  • The possibility to make corrections to the documents based on the Client’s feedback. 
  • Further consultations after the document has been implemented. 


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