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HSE supervision
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If you are managing a construction project or employ many people, you will probably need support in supervision over occupational health and safety and fire protection.

Our specialists have knowledge and experience while conducting construction works on power facilities (e.g. modernization of blocks – installations for flue gas denitrification and desulphurisation, mercury removal) or building construction. We cooperate with companies of various business profiles (e.g. production, logistics, administration).

If you do not want to employ a full-time employee of the Occupational Health and Safety Department, you can entrust occupational health and safety tasks to an external specialist.

When should I appoint an HSE coordinator to supervise working conditions?

An HSE coordinator should be appointed whenever employees of different employers work at the same place and, in the course of their work, may pose mutual threats to one another. It does not matter whether the work carried out by different subcontractors is carried out on a construction site, in an industrial plant or in an office building. What is important is that the individual employers establish rules of cooperation between themselves to eliminate potential risks and appoint a person (OSH coordinator) to supervise the observance of these arrangements.

The appointment of the HSE coordinator results from Article 208 § 1 of the Act of 26 June 1974. – Labour Code.

Supervision of occupational safety and health is one of the tasks performed by the occupational safety and health service, pursuant to § 2 of the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 2 September 1997 on occupational safety and health service:

,,1.The scope of activities of the HSE service includes: 1) inspection of working conditions and compliance with occupational safety and health regulations, with particular emphasis on workplaces where pregnant or breastfeeding women are employed, young people, the disabled, shift workers, including those working at night, and natural persons performing work on a basis other than employment relationship in the workplace or in a place designated by the employer (…)”.

The fact of the appointment of an occupational health and safety service and the regulations related to it are also specified by the above regulation:

,, §  1.

3. An employer employing between 100 and 600 employees shall set up a multi-person or one-person department or employing a part-time employee of the OSH service in this department.

4. An employer who employs more than 600 workers shall employ at least 1 full-time occupational health and safety officer for every 600 workers.”

Therefore, if you employ 100 or more workers – you are obliged to appoint an HSE service in your company.

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