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Occupational health and safety instructions for remote work

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Safety and hygiene at work are important not only in a traditional workplace but also in remote work. Remote work requires employees to take care of their health and safety, as it is often performed in home conditions.

The employer should provide employees with occupational health and safety training for remote work and make available informational resources, procedures, and instructions regarding remote work. Employees should also report any dangerous situations and accidents, both those threatening their health and life.

What information about remote work is included in the amendment to the Labor Code? What occupational health and safety documents should the employer prepare?


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General occupational health and safety instructions, which apply to the entire facility and require the synthesis of various legal provisions, are prepared by a health and safety specialist.

Detailed instructions (e.g., workstation-specific) are prepared by individuals responsible for organizing work and ensuring employee safety, and the health and safety specialist reviews them.

The remote work safety instructions, similar to other occupational health and safety instructions, should include information such as:

  1. Tasks to be performed before starting the given work.
  2. Principles and methods of safely performing the work.
  3. Tasks to be performed upon completion of the work.
  4. Procedures to follow in emergency situations posing a threat to the life or health of employees.

EHS Consulting provides advisory services in the field of preparing documentation related to occupational safety. Contact us, and we will develop such instructions for you.

The cost of developing the remote work occupational health and safety (BHP) instructions depends on Client

  • expectations regarding the form of development (using our standard documents or a format provided by the client).

Prices range from 300.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) upwards and include:

  1. Development of the document in accordance with the adopted assumptions and after consultations with the client.
  2. The possibility of making corrections to the documents based on feedback from the client.
  3. Further consultations after the document has been implemented.


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Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Remote Work Instruction and Its Purpose 

The OSH instruction for remote work is developed to provide both the employer and the employee with a document that precisely defines the safety and hygiene rules, along with ergonomics, while performing professional duties remotely using electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers, etc.

Remote work and OSH instruction – why one is crucial for the other?

The OSH instruction for remote work must clearly and comprehensibly specify the actions that an employee should take both before starting work, during its duration, and after completion. This includes, among other things:

  • Principles and methods of organizing a remote workstation appropriately.
  • Principles of performing remote work in a safe and hygienic manner.
  • Actions to be taken after completing work.
  • Procedures for dealing with threats and emergency situations (dangerous to health or life).

Employer and OSH inspector – remote work and its associated responsibilities

The employer is responsible for the safety and health of employees while performing remote work tasks. Therefore, it is worthwhile to seek the assistance of an OSH inspector, who will pay attention to important aspects and help develop the required document. EHS Consulting provides professional OSH services in Warsaw and online.

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