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What is a HSE audit?

An audit is a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining objective evidence and its objective evaluation to determine the extent to which audit criteria are met (this is the definition according to EN ISO 19011:2002 point 4.d and EN ISO 9000:2015 point 3.13.1).

In the case of an HSE audit, the basic criteria will be the Polish legal requirements for labour law (including HSE regulations).

Why systematic?

In order to achieve the intended results, the verification of the state of occupational safety should take place on a regular basis, in accordance with the adopted audit plan.

Why independent?

The main feature of a good auditor is objectivity through advisory and verification activities aimed at improving the organisation’s operations and adding value to it.

Why documented?

The results of a structured process evaluation should be presented. Specific standards, benchmarks, checklists, legislation, norms or the organisation’s internal regulations (policies, procedures) are presented in order to fairly present the audit evidence.  

A HSE audit is not the same as a HSE inspection!

The aim of conducting an audit is to define the cause of an unfavourable phenomenon, problem, which means that we diagnose irregularities before an undesirable situation occurs, e.g. an accident at work. An HSE audit may act preventively by indicating the risk connected with a given hazard. The result we aim at is improving the effectiveness of actions in an organisation.

On the other hand, we often associate a HSE inspection with an inspection of authorities supervising safety at work, e.g. the National Labour Inspectorate. Usually, such inspections are the result of a response to symptoms of an undesirable phenomenon. During the inspection, irregularities are identified and the person responsible for the undesirable phenomenon is found.

When carrying out a health and safety audit in a company, it is not about identifying the “culprit”. During the audit, the emphasis is placed on determining the cause of phenomena and striving for continuous improvement of processes, and thus, of the whole enterprise.

In order to achieve the intended results, every audit, also the one in the field of occupational safety, should be conducted by a person with appropriate knowledge and experience.

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