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On a daily basis, we deal with a broad spectrum of topics related to safety and hygiene at work, fire protection, first aid, and documentation management. We are specialists in Occupational Health and Safety (BHP), Fire Protection Inspectors, and Medical Rescuers. In providing services to our clients, we leverage knowledge from various areas: engineering, management, as well as law.

“Thanks to continuous improvement of our competencies, the quality of services we provide is at a high level.”

Agnieszka Kuźmicka

Managing Director, EHS Consulting 


Occupational Health and Safety Training Center

As specialists with years of experience, we know how to conduct training, courses, and events on BHP, Fire Protection (PPOŻ), and first aid for companies and institutions with various profiles of activity in Warsaw and across the country. Our BHP training center focuses on presenting essential safety issues not only professionally but also in an engaging way, making the understanding of the topic much simpler for participants. 

We advise companies on how to effectively and quickly implement high BHP and PPOŻ standards to avoid workplace accidents and material losses. In our work, we follow new technologies, utilizing tools for remote work, conducting online meetings, and training


Our Team

Agnieszka Kuźmicka

HSE Specialist with over 8 years of experience for companies in various industries, including manufacturing, services, and construction. Fire safety Inspector, ISO 45001 Lead Auditor, Forensic Expert in EHS. Utilizes legal and technical knowledge acquired during studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology and the European Higher School of Law and Administration.

Rafał Jędrocha

Fire Protection Specialist, Senior HSE Inspector, Qualified First Aid Rescuer, actively working as a firefighter in the State Fire Service. Has extensive experience in conducting training, presenting practical aspects of first aid, fire protection, and HSE.

Wojciech Furman

Fire Protection Specialist, HSE Specialist, Qualified First Aid Rescuer, actively working as a firefighter in the State Fire Service. Has knowledge and experience in conducting BHP thematic training, including working at heights, as well as in first aid and fire protection.

Dawid Kaczmarski

Fire Protection Specialist, Senior HSE Inspector, actively working as a firefighter. Besides conducting training in fire protection, he has extensive knowledge in the service and maintenance of firefighting equipment. Completed training for engineers from Zettler (covering maintenance and design) and the Academy of Designers of Fire Safety Systems conducted by CNBOP.

Kacper Szostek

Health and Safety Inspector, has two years of experience in customer service. He is currently expanding his knowledge at college with a specialization in occupational health and safety and developing his skills in the industry.

Ewa Szczecina

HSE Specialist, fire protection inspector. Graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, with engineering studies in HSE, and master’s studies in management and production engineering. Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, with studies in safety and hygiene at work in construction. Specializes in ensuring the safety of workers in the medical industry.

Angelika Matysiak

Document Controller at EHS Consulting, working as a EHS Specialist in the e-commerce industry. Holds qualifications as a Fire Protection Inspector, Internal Auditor ISO 45001:2018, and 19011:2018. Known for precision and accuracy in developing HSE documentation

Marcel Szwec

Medical Rescuer, BLS AED instructor. With over 10 years of experience in training in pre-medical first aid, clients appreciate his experience and engagement during training, where knowledge is conveyed in a very interesting way.

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