ZUS Funding for Improving Working Conditions 

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Do you want to make positive changes in your company? Do you need funds to purchase necessary equipment? Achieving this goal can be facilitated by ZUS funding for the improvement of working conditions. 

The mentioned funding is available for companies of all sizes. To take advantage of it, please familiarize yourself with the basic information about the ZUS competition, which we provide below. 


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  1. We are sending you a form, and once it is completed, we can propose suitable areas for funding and specify the required documents for submitting the application.  
  2. We will send you a contract outlining the details of our collaboration.  
  3. After signing the contract, we begin working on an application that meets the formal requirements: “Application of the contribution payer for funding a project related to maintaining the ability to work throughout the entire professional activity period.” 

To participate in the competition, you must meet the following conditions collectively: 

  1. Not be in arrears with payments for social security and health insurance contributions. 
  2. Not be in arrears with tax payments. 
  3. Not be in a state of bankruptcy, under compulsory administration, in the process of liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings, or arrangement proceedings with a creditor. 
  4. Not apply for funding within 3 years from the date of the disbursement of the last grant by ZUS. 
  5. Not apply for funding within 3 years from the date of refunding the grant for which you were obligated. 

[Competition Regulations ZUS 2023]

The aim of the ZUS grant is to support entrepreneurs in accident prevention. Below are examples of activities that fall within the scope of funding: 

  • Air conditioning 
  • Lighting 
  • Ventilation 
  • Mobile scaffolding 
  • Working platforms 
  • Construction winch 
  • Small crane 
  • Forklifts, electric carts 
  • Roofing elevator 
  • Safety barriers 
  • Detectors 
  • Excavation boxes, excavation formwork 
  • Safety harnesses at height 
  • Basket lifts 
  • Manipulators, grippers 
  • Welding tables with adjustable height, any tables with adjustable height 
  • Winches 
  • Stair lifts 
  • Goods lift 
  • Roofing hoist 
  • Autoclaves 
  • Machine guards, covers, switches, meeting minimal requirements, photocells, beams.

The cost of preparing an application for funding to improve working conditions depends on the time of the client’s submission. The less time we have to prepare the application, the higher the cost will be. 

The price starts from 1800.00 PLN net (+23% VAT) upwards and includes: 

  • Consultancy regarding the funding, 
  • Assistance in obtaining funding – preparation of the application and supervision over the correct completion of the necessary documentation for submission. 


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