HSE Services

Periodic training in occupational health and safety

When we think of health and safety, the most common first association is safety training….

Initial safety and health training

Initial health and safety training is extremely important in terms of making employees aware of potential hazards….

Online health and safety training

EHS Consulting’s online periodic health and safety training is a rich offering aimed at a wide range of…


Initial and periodic training online in Polish and English

HSE Documentation

Instrukcja BHP

HSE Instructions

In a world of changing norms and standards, worker safety is at the forefront of…

Occupational risk assessment

Risk assessment of remote work is extremely important, as remote work can pose various health risks….

Post-accident documentation

Post-accident documentation is an extremely important part of safeguarding a company against possible claims….

Assessment of musculoskeletal load using the OWAS method

Reducing the strain on workers’ musculoskeletal systems is one of the tasks facing the Social Security…


Are you running a construction project? Find out if you need to develop a Safety and Health Plan….


The design of the organization of works is drawn up by the contractor (e.g., the construction manager) in cooperation with, among others, the health and safety…


Is your company doing construction work? With a high degree of certainty, the document you will need…

Other services

Audyt BHP

HSE audit

Health and safety audits are conducted to control working conditions and analyze the actual status of safety regulations….

HSE supervision

The task of health and safety supervision at the workplace is to monitor compliance with health and safety rules and regulations….

HSE remote work

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and its growth has accelerated recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic….

ZUS Support Subsidies

Do you want to change something in your company for the better? Do you need funds to purchase necessary equipment?

Preparing for PIP inspections

The inspection carried out by labor inspectors is aimed at determining the facts regarding compliance with labor laws….

Outsourcing BHP

As an entrepreneur, do you feel that a day is not enough to coordinate all the processes in your company?

Development and implementation of the LOTO procedure

The effective implementation of appropriate workplace safety procedures when operating machinery should be…

Expert report by legal expert

When adverse work-related events occur, the most common situation is that of a work-related accident….

Ergonomic audit

Ergonomics of the office workplace – sounds like a cheap health and safety platitude that no one pays attention to because, after all, we all know….