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Health, safety and fire protection services.
in Warsaw and surroundings

We will help you implementhigh standards of safe work in your company

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All tasks of HSE department and much more!

HSE and fire protection services in Warsaw and its surroundings

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HSE services

“Safely to the goal” are the words that guide us in our daily work. We are convinced that the starting point in planning every project is to ensure high standards of safe work.

As part of our HSE service, we offer comprehensive health, safety and fire services for companies. By establishing permanent cooperation, you will receive a dedicated offer.  

Every one of us started work with HSE training. To a large extent, it is up to the trainer to consolidate the information provided. EHS Consulting focuses on combining theory and practice, so that the HSE training is interesting for the participants.

We provide the following HSE training courses:

The HSE service does not end with HSE training. The development of health and safety documentation is referred to in many legal regulations, e.g.: the development of instructions is the obligation of the employer (Art. 237(4) § 2 of the Labour Code).

As part of standard OHS services for companies, we prepare such documents as:

Diagnosis of the current state of affairs allows for proper planning of preventive measures aimed at improving occupational safety. The first health and safety audit, the so-called “zero audit”, will indicate those areas which are not covered by the current state of affairs. The first health and safety audit, the so-called “zero audit”, will indicate areas worth paying special attention to. In servicing occupational health and safety, I am guided by the principle: “introducing real solutions, without generating additional costs!”

Using an external Occupational Health and Safety Specialist will allow you to consult on current issues and problems in the area of occupational health and safety without hiring an employee for this position. We offer comprehensive advice and training as part of our occupational health and safety service in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

The execution of highly complex work requires coordination, also in the area of occupational safety. Regardless of where the work is carried out – on construction sites or in production facilities – it is necessary to carry out ongoing verification of the tasks performed in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. By providing occupational health and safety supervision, you can rest assured that your employees will be safe.

What if you could focus on your day-to-day business development activities instead of spending time dealing with health, safety and fire protection issues? Constant contact with a specialist in occupational health, safety and fire protection will make it possible! Ask about the offer dedicated to your company

First aid, evacuation and fire-fighting training

In first aid, as in the use of hand-held firefighting equipment, time is of the essence. Did you know that the first 4 minutes can play a decisive role in a patient’s ability to survive after cardiac arrest? It is so little time to save a life. Want to have an impact on safety in your company? Start with first aid and fire safety training.

EHS Consulting – your safety training centre Warsaw

They have used our services:

Procedures and instructions

Knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety, fire protection and documentation management.

Modern tools

I will show you how to use modern
tools for online documentation management.

Free tip

will give FREE ADVICE on safe work and documentation management.

Training HSE online

Health and safety training as online. Using my offer you have a guarantee of instant Contact with the trainer.

What makes us different?

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety, fire protection and documentation management.

No schematics

While solving problems, We go beyond the usual patterns.

The statements: “it’s not possible” and “it somehow will be” do not exist for us!

Fresh look

A fresh look at the new technologies which We test and implement during documentation management and in areas related to health and safety.

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