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No. MachinesLegal basisComment
Audit – MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Machinery Directive 2009/14/EC Remember that any machine used in Poland before joining the EU, i.e., before May 1, 2004, had to be adapted to the minimum requirements. 
Audit – BASIC REQUIREMENTS Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC All newly built machines in Poland or currently imported to Poland from outside the EU must comply with the basic requirements. 
Audit – Electrical equipment Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU All electrical equipment on all machines must meet the requirements of the low voltage directive. 
Audit – Machine fire safety EN ISO 19353 Machines with a fire hazard must be protected according to standard 19353. The audit also includes verifying whether the machine has a fire hazard in terms of regulations. 
Audit – ATEX explosion safety (Explosion Hazard Assessment) 1999/92/EC Every machine used with explosive liquids (gases) or dust must have an Explosion Hazard Assessment. 
DZPW – Explosion Protection Document Journal of Laws 2010 No. 138 item 931 The user of a machine with an explosive atmosphere must have an Explosion Protection Document. 
Machine risk assessment EN 12100 Every newly built machine or imported from outside the EU must undergo a risk assessment according to standard 12100. 
HAZOP analysis EN IEC 61882 It is a functional safety analysis of the machine and installation. 
Control system analysis (SIL/PL) EN ISO 13849-1 and 2 When building new safety systems (emergency stops, light curtains, safety switches), a safety system analysis must be conducted to check whether the designed electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic systems on the machine are done correctly. 
10 Machine ergonomics analysis EN 614-1 We perform an analysis of operators’ work on machines. 
11 Training – machine safety Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, ATEX We conduct machine safety training – most often for constructors, designers, automation specialists, or maintenance personnel. 
12 CE certification – advisory Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC We advise companies building new machines or electrical cabinets. 
13 lectrical measurements of machines EN 60204-1 We perform measurements according to standard 60204-1 when building new machines or modifying them. 
14 ESD measurements – electrostatics EN ISO 61340-5-1 We conduct ESD measurements – explosion-prone areas must undergo ESD measurements. 
15 Preparation of machine operating instructions EN ISO 20607. We prepare operating instructions – every machine in Poland must have operating instructions according to standard 20607. 
16 Machine modernizations State Labor Inspectorate (PIP) We carry out machine modernization after an audit or inspection by external authorities. 
17 Technical opinions on accidents related to machines Court Expert, specialization: Machine Safety   
18 Fire Protection Inspections – GAZEX / PWP / Hydrants / Fire Tanks  We perform inspections: Gazex – gas concentration sensors need to be inspected every 3 months, PWP – fire switches every year, Hydrants – every year. 

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