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I advise you to keep your employees safety

Fire protection

I advise you to provide fire protection for your facility


I advise how the documentation flow in your company should look like

ONLINE training - never been so easy!

I invite you to take advantage of the e-learning training offer. The method of guided self-education (e-learning) is appropriate for almost all professional groups, however, with the exception of people in working positions and people referred for initial training

ONLINE training courses at EHS Consulting stand out:

How do I order health and safety training online?

How do I order health and safety training online?

Provide the name of the position and the number of participants, participants’ data needed to issue the certificate (name and surname, date and place of birth), invoice data.


After receiving the data, I will send a pro forma invoice.

2. Make the payment

After payment by e-mail, I will send access to the training platform (login and password for each user).

3. Take part in the training

Online health and safety training consists of several topics and a short one-choice test. You will pass the training by familiarizing yourself with the material and solving the test. During the training, I provide consultation with the training instructor and professional advice. On the basis of the report of learning results I issue a certificate of completion of the training. I send the certificate together with an invoice to you by post (there is also a possibility to send a scan of the certificate by e-mail). These certificates have the same legal force as documents confirming participation in a traditional training.
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