przygotowanie do kontroli PIP

The inspection carried out by labour inspectors aims to establish the factual situation with regard to compliance with labour law. It concerns, in particular, compliance with health and safety regulations and rules regarding the legality of employment.

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First of all:

  1. employers, and in the field of occupational health and safety and control of the legality of employment also entrepreneurs who are not employers, for whom work is provided by natural persons, including self-employed persons, regardless of the basis on which this work is provided,
  2. entities providing job placement services, personal counseling, vocational guidance and temporary employment.


The tasks of the State Labour Inspectorate include:

  • supervision and control of observance of the provisions of labour law, in particular the provisions and principles of occupational safety and health, provisions concerning the employment relationship, remuneration for work and other benefits resulting from the employment relationship, working time, holidays, employees’ rights related to parenthood, employment of juveniles and disabled persons;
  • control of legality of employment, other gainful employment, performance of activities and control of compliance with the obligation:
  • control of legality of employment, other gainful employment and performance of work by foreigners;
  • control of products placed on the market in terms of their compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, as defined in separate provisions;
  • supervision over observance of the conditions for application of substances specified by the European Chemicals Agency on the basis of Article 9 paragraph 4 of Regulation No. 1907/2006, within the scope of its competence;
  • taking action to prevent and eliminate risks in the working environment, in particular:
  • investigating and analysing the circumstances and causes of accidents at work and controlling the application of measures to prevent such accidents,
  • analysing the causes of occupational diseases and controlling the application of measures to prevent such diseases,
  • initiating research work in the area of compliance with labour law, in particular occupational health and safety
  • initiate measures in the field of labour protection in individual agriculture,
  • providing technical advice and information to eliminate risks to the life and health of employees, as well as advice and information on compliance with labour law
  • taking preventive and promotional actions to ensure compliance with labour law
  • cooperating with environmental protection authorities in controlling employers’ compliance with regulations on counteracting threats to the environment.


It is important to prepare for an inspection, but very often it is difficult to do it on your own. Every entrepreneur has a lot of things to coordinate “right now” and an upcoming PIP inspection is an additional burden. For this reason, at your request we will carry out a one-off audit, which will reveal all irregularities related to health and safety at work. We will give you an independent opinion on the state of occupational health and safety in your company and point out the shortcomings to which the State Labour Inspectorate would draw attention.

Thanks to your preparation, a PIP inspection will become a mere formality!

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We will help you fulfil the legal requirements of the labour law and pass any inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate without any worries!

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