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Fire protection in Warsaw

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If you are wondering about the necessity of using the fire protecting service, you should know that HSE regulations obliges the employer to ensure not only safe working conditions for employees, but also to inform them about risks, as well as rules of behaviour in case of life threatening situations such as fire. Additionally, according to the Fire Protection Regulations, a physical person, legal entity, organization or institution using the building is obliged to protect it against fire or other local danger. The owner, manager or user of the building, as well as the entities mentioned above, are responsible for violating fire regulations. According to these rules, we offer full service in the field of fire protection – from preparing the necessary documentation to carrying out trial evacuation and checking the handy extinguishing equipment.

Trial evacuation for companies in Warsaw

According to art. 209 1 § 1 point 2(b) of the Labour Code, the employer should designate employees to carry out firefighting and evacuation actions, in the amount considering the type and level of the risks involved. In addition, the polish regulations requires practical verification of the organization and conditions of evacuation from buildings and other facilities used by people. If you do not know how to carry out such a trial evacuation – we will be eager to help you with that.

Handy fire-fighting equipment

The appropriate selection and arrangement of handy fire-fighting equipment in the required and effective form in the early stages of a fire is not an easy issue. In the case of fire extinguishers, it is not enough to place them in designated areas appropriate to the surface, but also to take into account the properties of the flammable materials and their accessibility, easiness of use when needed and the ability of staff to use them, as well as the detriment to the environment of the chemical medium used in them.

In order to fulfil the above requirements, We will advise on providing facilities with fire extinguishers taking into account their number, type, location.

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