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Are you considering whether you need health and safety and fire safety documentation for your company? Let me give you some examples to help you make the right choice.

1. Documentation when you use chemicals

The user of chemicals is each of us. However, in case of using hazardous substances in the company (regardless of whether the product is purchased for our own needs, e.g. for cleaning or production purposes) we are obliged to obtain from the manufacturer a safety data sheet* of the substance and its use. Information from the manufacturer of a given chemical substance (e.g. on how to deal with fire; how to deal with accidental release into the environment; how to deal with the substance/preparation and its storage; exposure control/personal protective equipment; waste handling; transport information) translates directly into a number of our responsibilities as users.
If there are chemical substances in your company and you need advice on their safe use, storage, transport – contact me.

I will help you implement efficient procedures for the safe use of chemicals, prepare a chemical risk assessment and train your employees.

**Safety data sheets are documents issued by manufacturers of chemical substances that have been classified as dangerous substances. The obligation to issue a Safety Data Sheet and to pass it along with the substance to all distributors and users of the substance results from the Regulation of the European Parliament 1907/2008, abbreviated to REACH. The Regulation determines in which cases the safety data sheet should be prepared and what should be included on it. It is important to be aware that safety data sheets only concern hazardous substances and not all chemicals at all. Therefore, in the case of non-hazardous substances, the manufacturer does not have to issue a safety data sheet, and users of the substance may not require it.

2. Accident at work, on the way to/from work

Has your company had an accident at work or has your employee had an accident on the way to/from work?

The current legislation indicates a number of obligations to be fulfilled by the employer in the event of an accident at work in his company:

The circumstances and causes of the accident shall be determined by a two-person accident team set up by the employer for this purpose. If the employer cannot fulfil the obligation to set up a two-person accident team due to the small number of employees, the circumstances and causes of the accident shall be determined by the accident team consisting of the employer and a specialist from outside the workplace.

I’ll tell you what to do if there was an accident at work in your company.

Our cooperation does not only end with drawing up an accident report. In order to ensure high safety standards for your company, continuous improvement and improvement of safety culture – I will tell you what preventive measures should be taken.

3. Development of procedures and instructions

Do you run a construction company, a repair service company, or specialist work such as metal cutting and welding?

Do you know that you are responsible for the safety of your employees, as well as subcontractors and persons employed under civil law contracts (e.g. assignment, for work)?

The guarantee of proper conduct of works is to plan in advance, develop appropriate procedures and instructions.

If you describe what kind of work is carried out in your company – I am able to develop a dedicated instruction, a procedure that you will be able to familiarize employees with.

I prepare instructions and procedures in Polish and English.

4. Occupational Risk Assessment

Did you know that the employer has a duty to assess and document occupational risks in the workplace and inform employees about them?

Additionally, after the assessment, the necessary preventive measures should be taken to reduce the occupational risk.

Know that the employer is responsible for the assessment of occupational risk at individual workstations in the company. However, the employer is not obliged to perform this assessment personally. It is advisable for people involved in risk assessment:

If you need support in performing a risk assessment for your employees – I will be happy to help!

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