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Occupational health and safety service and supervision in Warsaw

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Health and safety audit in Warsaw

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Health and safety documentation

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Fire extinguisher - do you know what to look for when choosing a handy fire extinguishing equipment?

Do you know when their inspection and maintenance is required?

Fire extinguisher – it is a portable or mobile device complying with PN-EN 3 standard. It is used to extinguish the fire.

According to the standard, an extinguisher must be red in colour and have a minimum quantity of the extinguishing agent equal to 1kg. The standard also specifies the temperature range for use, the minimum operating time and the minimum extinguishing effectiveness. Attention must also be paid to the minimum quantity of extinguishing agent.

One mass unit of the extinguishing agent of 2kg (or 3 dm3) contained in an extinguisher is sufficient for:

– classified in threat category ZLI, ZLII, ZLIII, ZLV, production and warehouse with fire load density above 500MJ/m2;

– containing a room endangered by an explosion.

In accordance with § 3 of the MSWiA regulation on fire protection of buildings, other structures and areas:

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Taking the above regulations into consideration, inspection at least once a year is an absolute minimum!

More frequent inspections of fire extinguishers can be performed in situations of higher fire risk, e.g. in chemical plants – when flammable and explosive chemicals are used.

Do you have handy fire extinguishing equipment in your company?

Do you have the safety of facility users in mind?


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