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The necessity to conduct HSE training stems from the Labour Code, more precisely from § 2, article 2373: “the employer is obliged to ensure that the employee is trained in occupational safety and health before he/she is allowed to work and to conduct periodic training in this field”.

If you are an employer or if you act as a person in charge of another position, you are obliged to undergo periodical training in occupational safety and health within 6 months of starting work in your position.

On the other hand, if you hold another position, e.g. one that is classified as engineering or technical, or a worker’s position – within 12 months of starting work in the position.

HSE periodic training for white-collar jobs is conducted in the form of instruction at least once every 3 years, and for white-collar jobs that involve particularly hazardous work at least once a year.

HSE Periodic training conducted in the form of a course, seminar or guided self-study at least once every 5 years should be conducted for:

HSE periodic training for administrative and office jobs at least once every 6 years.

The main group of recipients we will think about when planning periodic OSH training are the employees. However, Article 207 § 3 of the Labour Code indicates that the employer should be familiar with labour protection regulations, including occupational health and safety regulations and rules, to the extent necessary to perform their duties.

Confirmation is also provided by Article 2373 § 21 of the Labour Code, which imposes the obligation of HSE periodic training for employers.

Training of employers is conducted by organizational entities authorized to conduct training activities in the field of occupational safety and health under the provisions of the Act of 7 September 1991 on the education system.

However, if an employer would like to perform the tasks of safety and health at work service in the company on their own, and at the same time employs up to 10 employees or employs up to 20 employees if the employer is qualified for a group of activities for which no higher than the third risk category has been established within the meaning of the provisions on social insurance in respect of occupational accidents and diseases, they must have completed the training for employers performing the tasks of safety and health at work service.

The program of HSE periodic training (regardless of the dedicated audience) should include information on detailed topics, form of execution and duration of training. It is prepared by the training unit on the basis of the framework training program included in the appendix to the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labour on training in the field of occupational safety and health.

If you choose a form of guided self-study, occupational health and safety training can take place via the Internet. Obtaining, updating or supplementing knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health takes place on the basis of materials provided by the training organizer. Training materials should be consistent with the issues covered by the training program (e.g. scripts, legal regulations, sets of control questions) and should be adjusted to the capabilities of the training participant. Each periodic training in occupational safety and health (also conducted online) should end with an examination, which is conducted by the training provider.

EHS Consulting conducts HSE periodic training via self-directed learning on the Internet. However, during the training you have constant contact with the HSE Specialist.

If you have any questions, you can contact him via instant messenger and thus the online training is not significantly different from the offline training.

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