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Fire & Safety Training
(Warsaw and its surroundings)

Occupational health and safety service and supervision in Warsaw

We advise to ensure the safety of your employees.

Health and safety audit in Warsaw

We carry out a systematic, independent and documented audit.

Health and safety documentation

We advise you how the document flow should look in your company.

Did you know that as the owner, manager or user of a building, facility or land: 

This results from the Act of 24 August 1991 on fire protection (Journal of Laws 2020.961 t.j. of 2020.05.29).

If you are an employer, your employees are obliged to comply with the accepted fire protection duties, which should be indicated, among other things, in the work regulations.

As an employer, you should provide the necessary means for emergency first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of employees.

In addition, as an employer, you appoint employees to:

and ensure communication with external services specialised in particular in emergency first aid, medical rescue and fire protection.

The above guidelines result from the Labour Code Act of 26 June 1974 (Dz.U.2020.1320 t.j. of 2020.07.30).

If you are considering the need for fire protection advice, know that OSH regulations oblige the employer to provide employees not only with safe working conditions, but also to inform them about hazards, as well as the rules of conduct in case of life-threatening situations such as fire.

In addition, according to the Fire Protection Act, a natural person, a legal person, an organisation or an institution using a building is obliged to secure it against the risk of fire or other local danger. 

In order to put these requirements into practice, it is a good idea to start with fire safety training for your employees.

What does the fire training carried out by EHS Consulting include?

The required knowledge of fire protection is also tested during evacuation drills.

Practical evacuation testing is an opportunity to verify the existing procedures, the level of preparedness of employees and people responsible for carrying out the evacuation. It is also the best opportunity to verify the efficiency of the building’s security systems (fire alarm system, voice warning system, access control system, smoke removal system, emergency lighting).

Periodic checking of the organisation and conditions for evacuation results, among others, from § 17 of the ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 7 June 2010 on fire protection of buildings, other buildings and areas.

In order to properly plan and carry out a trial evacuation, it is worth taking advantage of advice from fire protection specialists.

EHS Consulting provides fire protection training in Warsaw and its surroundings.

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