• Próbna ewakuacja

In accordance with § 17 of the MSWiA regulation on fire protection of buildings, other buildings and grounds, periodic checking of the organisation and conditions for evacuation is required in the following cases:

  • for a facility other than a residential building, intended for more than 50 people who are its permanent occupants – at least once every 2 years;
  • for facilities in which the group of over 50 users changes periodically at the same time, in particular: schools, kindergartens, dormitories, student dormitories – at least once a year, however, no later than 3 months from the date of commencement of use of the facility by new users
  • for facilities intended primarily for use by people with reduced mobility, such as a hospital, a crèche, a kindergarten, a home for the elderly or containing a part (fire zone) with such a purpose – the scope and area of the building agreed with the locally competent district (city) commander of the State Fire Service.

The main purpose of the evacuation test is to ensure the proper functioning of organisational solutions for evacuation in buildings, including their implementation for use by users in practice.

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  • the principles of evacuating people staying in the building;
  • responsibilities of evacuation coordinators
  • the principles of notification of an evacuation;
  • the principles of managing an evacuation;
  • responsibilities of employees responsible for the evacuation process,
  • the principles of behaviour of evacuees during an evacuation;
  • the principles of communicating with the State Fire Service officers who arrive on the spot.

After an evacuation is carried out, a protocol is drawn up which includes information such as:

  • date of evacuation;
  • the participants in the evacuation;
  • the rules of notifying about the evacuation;
  • the actual course of the evacuation;
  • summary and conclusions;
  • recommendations of the State Fire Service.

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