Dokumentacja z zakresu gospodarki odpadami

Under the current Waste Act and Environmental Protection Act, both waste generators and waste managers are required to hold the relevant administrative decisions.

Qualified specialists will assess what type of permit/permit is required for the business/installation being operated and will indicate the authority responsible for issuing the decision.

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We provide documentation in the field of waste management, including for the purposes of:

  • obtaining a waste production permit (under the Environmental Protection Act),
  • obtaining a waste collection permit (under the Waste Act),
  • obtaining a waste processing permit (under the Waste Act).

Consulting and coordination of duties carried out through the database of products, packages and waste management – BDO, including:

  • related to registration of entities in the BDO (waste producers, waste transporters, recyclers of packaging or post-consumer waste, etc.),
  • those related to keeping records of waste and drawing up reports on waste,
  • concerning fulfillment and settlement of obligations by entities on their own
  • related to the introduction onto the domestic market of: vehicles, batteries and accumulators, electric and electronic equipment, packages and packaged products, utility products.

Waste brokering

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