Dokumentacja z zakresu gospodarki wodno- ściekowej

We prepare documentation for water rights permits:

  • long-term lowering of the groundwater table,
  • reclamation of surface water or groundwater,
  • introduction of algae-inhibiting substances into surface waters,
  • construction of water facilities,
  • water regulation, construction of mountain streams and shaping new channels of natural watercourses (e.g. rivers, streams, brooks)
  • landform alteration on land adjacent to waters, affecting water flow conditions,
  • the routing of bridges, pipelines, conduits in protective pipes or culverts over flowing surface waters and through floodbanks,
  • preparation of water-legal reports in order to obtain a water-legal permit for the following investments:
  • water services consisting in providing households, public entities and enterprises with the possibility to use water beyond the scope of: common water use, ordinary water use and special water use,
  • specific water uses such as land and crop drainage, irrigation of land or crops,
  • running overhead power and telecommunication lines through inland waterways and floodbanks.

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