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A few words about our team

About us

We specialise in occupational health and safety, fire protection, first aid and document management. We are occupational health and safety specialists, fire protection inspectors and medical lifeguards. In providing services to our clients we use knowledge from different areas: engineering, management as well as law.

Thanks to continuous improvement of our competence, the quality of our services is at a high level.

For many years, we have been organising training, courses, events in the field of occupational health and safety, fire-fighting. and first aid for companies and institutions with different profiles of activity in Warsaw and across the country.

In our activities we focus on an interesting and professional presentation of important safety issues.

We advise companies on how to effectively and quickly implement high standards of occupational health, safety and fire protection to avoid accidents at work and material losses.

We follow new technologies in our work, using tools for remote working, online meetings and training.

We have carried out health and safety supervision on projects:

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1. "Safely to the Destination"

“Safely to the goal” with these words we are guided in our daily work. We are convinced that the starting point in planning every project is to ensure high standards of safe working practices.

2. A modern approach

Using modern technologies and an innovative approach, we will implement high standards of occupational health and safety, fire protection and document management in your company.

3. Comprehensive action plan

We start work on each task by defining the areas that are worth improving. We then move on to action planning and provide realistic solutions that are immediately applicable.

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Every customer deserves an individual approach and a specially dedicated offer
+48 505 448 963